Fridge & Freezer Monitoring

Monitoring of commercial Fridge and Freezer set ups for Safety and Legislation - remotely

Commercial Fridge and freezer temperature monitoring and datalogging is essential as HACCP Health and safety legislation demands that temperature information is datalogged at the very minimum.

Sensormetrix Fridge and freezer monitoring systems enable easy monitoring of fridge and freezer systems to enable a track of the temperatures within the refrigerators to be kept, and to record all temperature details and fluctuations - plus user defined out-of-parameter limits for remote notification to the user.

Monitoring fridges and freezers with the correct refrigerator monitoring systems, not only ensures that you will not only be complying with legislation, but also save money as a result of the longer working life when your fridge set up is maintained at the correct temperature.

Sensormetrix Fridge and freezer monitoring systems have a major advantage in that they notify you, the user, remotely to any dramatic change in refrigeration temperature so that immediate action can be taken to avoid the spoiling of frozen or refrigerated produce. This remote notification is done by email, SMS or phone ring

Sensormetrix has several convenient methods of establishing a low cost sensor network to create data logging and remote notification - over the internet or mobile phone network and wireless sensor networks for minimal wiring.

Fridge Freezer and fronzen goods monitoring products


Another factor that businesses must comply with is HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) which states frozen food should be stored at minus 15 deg C or lower while in a freezer. Using Sensormetrix monitoring solutions physical proof can be given that you've met the HACCP requirements in addition to receiving email or SMS notification of any potential out-of-parameter situations with your Fridge/Freezer set up.

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Temperature monitoring for Medicines

(Duthie Report) published by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain March 2005", please see:

This states that "There should be monitoring of the temperature of the refrigerator on each working day using a calibrated maximum-minimum thermometer or other approved monitoring device". Our dataloggers with calibration are designed to provide this information.

Temperature recording for food storage in fridges and freezers

The Food Standards Agency provides a guidance document, "House Rules Temperature Control" for HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control point) available at In short, the statement reads "You must ensure that the Temperature Control Critical Limits you set for all high risk foods held in your kitchen are regularly monitored"

We believe that our dataloggers provide the required regulatory compliance. Our products deliver both temperature and the minimum/maximum records required. Additionally, as these products are in the main waterproof (IP67 rated), they can be regularly cleaned to maintain required hygiene practices.

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