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Serial, Keyboard Wedge or USB, these are your interface options for connecting a barcode scanner. Or are they? Sensormetrix the remote monitoring company think not. They offer a solution manufactured by Sequoia Technology called SC-x or Serial Server Converter that can convert any serial barcode scanner into an Ethernet barcode scanner. This can open up many options for using barcode scanners or Auto-ID products and even has the potential to save the users money from purchasing costly and unreliable wireless barcode scanners for transmitting data over the network. Plus the SC-x family allows you to communicate and send commands to the scanner.

="RS232The Sequoia Serial Converter (SC-x) comes in 1 (SC-1), 2 (SC-2) or 4 (SC-4) RS232 serial port options and will allow the user to stream the barcode data to any PC on the network. The Sequoia Serial Convertor is also supplied with Virtual Serial Port windows application. This software is very simple to use and will imitate the serial connection as if the barcode scanner is connected directly to the machine.

This type of device can offer many benefits to barcode users. By directly connecting the scanner to the network any computer can control the data coming in and out of the scanner. This means not only can you send the barcode data anywhere on the network but you can also remotely configure many barcode scanners from a single point.

There are many other advantages to this approach, for example you're no longer limited to tethering one barcode scanner to one PC location now you can have many readers sending the data to a single location on the network.

Programming barcode scanners with settings, prefixes and suffixes is normally a very time consuming job, especially if you have a large install base. But with the SC-x you can communicate to all your units via the network from a single PC, even if the scanners are not in the same building or the same country. By using all these features the cost of ownership is very low and the Sequoia Serial Converter pays for itself easily.

The Sequoia Serial Convertor is also useful for extending the serial connection length a term known as "Serial Tunnelling" this is achieved by using 2 units, then you can convert the RS232 to Ethernet and then back to RS232, So you are no longer are you restricted by the restraints of the RS232 serial connection.

Although we've discussed the benefits of using this device with barcode scanners it can be used with any product with serial (RS232) interface to both send data and receive commands. This make the SC-x family perfect for a wide range of applications such as connection to older PBX Systems, Connecting Serial Printer to Ethernet, Card Readers, RFID, UPS Control and Logging and many more. ="RS232

Serial Communication Speed: 1.2K~921.6Kbps
Interface: 10/100 BaseT Ethernet Interface Connector: RJ-45
Power Requirements: 5V3A DC or 9~36VDC
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 55°C Operating Humidity: 5 to 95% RH
Dimensions (LxWxH) 100x60x29mm Regulatory Approvals FCC/CE

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