T4411 Temperature transducer with RS485 interface


  • RS485 Output
  • External Temperature sensors (Pt1000)
  • Temperature Range -200 to +600°C
  • Temperature accuracy ±0.2°C (without temperature probe)
  • Power: 9-30Vdc, current consumption approximately 0.5W
  • ModBus RTU and Advantech ADAM compatible protocol
  • IP65 Rating
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This part requires an external sensor(s). Please choose from Sensors & Accessories

T4411 is a RS485Temperature transducer for Pt1000/3850ppm and is built in a durable watertight case. Temperature readings can be in Degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit and are user selectable. The Large dual line LCD is built in for live data view, although it can be switched off of necessary.

Computerized design ensures maximum long term stability and failure indication.

The T4411 uses external Pt1000 sesnors (a selection is available from our Sensors and Accessories tab) and is designed for use in Building management, HVAC and warehouses and can be connected to any product that accepts a RS485 input, including some of our own monitoring products.

Serial RS485 output

This transmitter works with ModBus RTU communication protocol or with Advantech ADAM compatible protocol. Protocol is user selectable in special configuration mode by means of the PC. Serial link enables to read actual readings and modify transmitter configuration. Instrument works always in slave mode, i.e. responds only to master device query. Transmitters have the address space available from 1 to 255. Communication speed is 110 to 115200Bd.

Tested with LabVIEW from National Instruments, TIRS.NET, ControlWeb, EasyView.

Included in delivery:

  • Traceable calibration certificate
  • Quick start manual
  • Free program TSensor for configuring of the transmitter is ready to Download
  • Free program SensorReader for logging values from one transmitter via RS485 to a PC disk file is ready to Download

T4411 Images

  • T4411

T4411 Specifications

Technical parameters Value
Output RS485
Measured Value Temperature
Construction Type For External Temperature Probe Pt1000
Design Industrial
Temperature Measuring Range -200 to +600°C
Relay Output No
Two-State Input No
Lcd Display Yes
Accuracy of temperature output ±0.2°C (without temperature probe)
Available temperature units degrees Celsius, Fahrenheit
Temperature operating range -30 to +80°C
Temperature operating range of LCD display readable to operating temperature +70°C, it is recommended to switch OFF the LCD over +70°C
Communication protocol ModBus RTU and Advantech ADAM compatible protocol
Communication speed 110 to 115200 Bd
IP protection IP65
Power 9-30Vdc, current consumption approximately 0.5W
Dimensions 88.5 x 94 x 39.5 mm (W x H x D)
Weight approximately 145g
Warranty 2 years
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